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Strength, Balance and Flexibility Exercise #2

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Health Promotion Board


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This quick and simple exercise can be done anywhere, anytime – so let’s get moving!


General Safety Message


Before starting any exercises, please:


- Consult a doctor if you are unsure about a new exercise, or have a medical condition. (such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressures, etc.)

- Do note exercise if you feel unwell.

- Resume exercising only when you have filly recovered.

- Choose a space that is safe and sufficiently large. Remove any hazardous/ loose objects/ furniture that might endanger you or get in your way.


During any exercise, stop if you:


- Have pain or pressure in your chest, neck, shoulder or arm

- Feel sharp or severe pain in your joints/ mucles that does not go away

- Feel dizzy or sick

- Break out in cold sweat

- Experience tightness of chest

- Feel short of breath


Source: Health Promotion Board. Reproduced with permission.