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Get Active! First Light [Ep 34] | Mobility

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ActiveSG Masters Club


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Ageing does not mean that we have to give up on physical activities. Staying active helps us enjoy better quality of life.


Join Fitness Trainer Jen in some mobility exercises to improve our flexibility, balance and coordination!


The Get Active! First Light Masters and Seniors Fitness Programme is specially designed for masters and seniors to stay active and healthy at home.


Each workout is a sort 30-min session with easy movements. The low impact exercises are also suitable for individuals who want to kickstart their fitness journey


The programme rundown is as follows:


Warm Up Exercise

30 seconds per exercise


1) Neck Stretch

2) Shoulder Stretch

3) Side Stretch

4) Side Rotation


Workout for the Day

2 rounds of 4 to 6 repetition per exercise


1) Bendover Reach

2) Windmill

3) Hip, Knee, Ankle

4) Leg Curl and Extension

5) Leg Curl and Abductor

6) Glute Bridge

7) Pigeon

8) 90/90


Challenge of the Day

Quadruped Sit Through


Cool Down Exercise

30 seconds per exercise


1) Side Sit

2) Pelvic Tilt Tuck

3) Shoulder and Tricep Stretch

4) Side Stretch

5) Breath Work

Source: ActiveSG Masters Club. Reproduced with permission.