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Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe 海南鸡饭

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Spice N' Pans


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SECRET REVEALED! Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe 海南鸡饭 Singapore Food Recipe



Serves 10


Poaching the chicken

- 2 whole chicken (about 1.4kg per chicken. Clean the exterior of the chicken with salt and remove any presence of blood inside the body of the chicken. Wash clean before use.)

- 2 stalks of spring onion

- 6 slices young ginger

- 3 pieces of chicken stock cube (without MSG)


Making the chicken rice

- 700g Thai jasmine rice

- 120g of glutinous rice (soaked overnight)

- 30g of butter

- 2 bulbs of garlic - halved

- 60g of young ginger

- 7 - 8 pandan leaves

- 5 cups of chicken stock (from poaching of the chicken)


Seasoning liquid (to be poured over the poached cut chicken - please add sufficient to flavour up the chicken but not too much because it may be too salty)

- 1.5 cups of chicken stock

- 1 teaspoon of sugar

- 2 tablespoons of sesame oil

- 2 tablespoons of light soya sauce


Source: Spice N' Pans. Reproduced with permission.