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Worth more than you know - Strength of the seniors


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Imagine yourself at the age of 60. What will you be doing?

Be inspired by stories of our seniors who, against all odds, did not let age hinder their lives but continued to live life to the fullest.



Ngai Hin Kwok - 
Retired jewellery maker. 
Currently a member of Team Strong Silvers, a group dedicated to encouraging senior citizens to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while ageing. 
Started to build active lifestyle after retirement, currently a calisthenics enthusiast.


Steven Lim - 
Retired ship designer, currently a constructivism artist and lecturer at the LASALLE College of the Arts. 
Pursued his diploma, degree and masters as a senior. 
A lifelong learner who continues to inspire tertiary level students to pursue their passion and excel in education.


Muthukrishnan Sudha -
Breast cancer survivor. 
Active advocate of Singapore Breast Cancer Society. 
Member of the Pink Spartans Dragon Boat team.
Continues to live an active lifestyle through pole dancing, Zumba classes and dragon boating.


Credit: Sengkang Health