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Worth More than You Know – The story of Aunty Sarah

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A widow in her late 70s, Aunty Sarah has been a homemaker all her life, raising three wonderful children. A pillar in her community, Aunty Sarah uses her passion for cooking to bring joy to everyone around her. From the busy shop keeper at the foot of her block, to an elderly neighbour who lives alone. From friends whom she meet at her religious study group, to her children’s colleagues, Aunty Sarah, on her own, painstakingly searches for the best ingredients, and prepares their favourite food for them.
 This is an ordinary heartland homemaker who is extraordinary in her fortitude and compassion. She was a pillar of strength for her family when her husband passed away, and provided emotional support in time of need to her eldest daughter who lost her sight in her twenties. For a young girl who needed the warmth of family, Aunty Sarah opened her heart and her home, and showed her what it meant to love unconditionally.
 As Aunty Sarah ages, she contemplates life in her simple terms as not having achieved much. Just simple housework as she says, but we want to show her that her little efforts have touched many lives and carved indelible memories.
 To all the seniors who might doubt their self-worth, we want you to remember that you are worth more than you will ever know.