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AutumnLife is a platform created by the community for the community, where we can explore new frontiers, recreate ourselves through various self-expressions and give back to society.

According to the World Health Organisation publication World Health Statistics 2015, life expectancy of Singaporeans stands at 83 years for both men and women. This puts us in second place after Japan, where life expectancy is at 84 years. Imagine how many more years we still have to go if, for whatever reasons, you retire at 50, 55 or 60. Living active, meaningful and happy lives after 50 is certainly a very good option. Don’t you think so?



AutumnLife is a platform created by the community for the community. This community is us who have spent our first fifty years busy living. Whatever that may mean to you, we have come through it and made the necessary contributions to our families and the society. Today, we owed it to ourselves to live a more colourful and joyful life in the years ahead.



Together, we can explore new frontiers – new interests, hobbies, skills, places, eats, wellness and beauty. We cancreate – recreate ourselves through various self-expressions, be it the arts, music, technology and literary ventures. We are also well poised to give back to society in various ways – pick a cause to support the way we choose to, group volunteering with a difference, and pay it forward as we wish to.



That’s how our autumn life should be.



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