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Letters to the Stars: Expressions of Love and Affection for the Departed


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James Alvin Yiew Hock Low


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Death is a natural and inevitable part of life. While many tend to avoid this topic, we are often reminded of our finitude through experiencing the deaths of those around us. In the process of loss, it is common to find ourselves in a chaotic state of emotions – confusion, resentment, or even guilt for actions or words unexpressed.


Containing the raw and personal reflections from those who have lost their loved ones, Letters to the Stars documents this journey of experiencing loss which will surely leave you feeling touched alongside a myriad of other emotions.


Yet, although the experience of loss can be a tumultuous journey, this book also contains messages of hope and a means of catharsis, especially for individuals who are currently experiencing loss. Ultimately, these moving stories will not only resonate with all readers but also change how you view your loved ones.


Text: Joy Kang