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Common Life: Drawings and Poems


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Ho Chee Lick & Anne Lee Tzu Pheng


Call no.: SING 821 HO


Publisher:  Singapore: Ethos Books, [2018]


Some shun poetry as they think poems are too abstract and lofty. This wonderful anthology of poetry and sketches succeeds at being relatable by depicting our everyday life.


Artist and Senior Lecturer Dr Ho Chee Lick wanders around back alleys, void decks, and even the garbage storage room, searching for inspiration for his charcoal sketches. Inspired by his sketches, Dr Anne Lee Tzu Pheng, winner of Singapore Cultural Mediallion for Literature, explores their stories with her words. The end result is a visual and poetic journey about common life in Singapore, written in a simple and straightforward manner yet imbued with profound thoughts and reflections.


Local everyday scenes like the kopitiam, bazaar, neighbourhood stray cat, and pigeon as well as subjects such as mindfulness and National Service have found their way into this lovely anthology, and will eventually find a way into the reader’s heart.


Text: Kweh Soon Huat (National Library Board)