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I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections



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Nora Ephron


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The experience of growing older, like every experience in life, is one that is both unique to every person and common to us all. In this book of essays, Nora Ephron explores her own personal experience of growth, development, and aging, and shares anecdotes that are sure to resonate with readers from all walks of life.


Ephron was an award-winning writer and journalist before her passing in 2012. Best known for her work on rom-coms such as Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally, Ephron developed a reputation for warm, witty, and sometimes brutally honest work.


I Remember Nothing displays all of those traits as Ephron writes about experiences that are universally relatable–the development and breakdown of a romantic attachment, the evolution of a relationship with technology–in her inimitable voice. The essays are intimate, insightful, and hilarious, and they provide not only a look at the life of one woman of “a certain age” but also emotional truths that will help you through yours.


By Kimberley Chiu


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