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An elderly lady is up to no good

Helene Tursten

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Author: Helene Tursten


Call no.: TUR (Available on eReads and Overdrive)


All rights reserved. New York, NY: Soho Crime, 2018


Freedom, no idle chatter, no problems—that is how Maud likes it. But what is an old lady to do when things do not go her way? Why, murder, of course.


Not your stereotypical elderly lady, Maud has no family or friends and enjoys living alone, travelling solo, and the occasional kill. In her late eighties, Maud’s age is the perfect camouflage for her criminal tendencies. But when the police finally come knocking on her door, what is to become of our bold little lady?


A little book that packs a punch, An Elderly Lady is sure to leave readers squealing in delight as they follow Maud’s unusual romp through chaos and murder. Readers who prefer their protagonists to be honest, law-abiding citizens are strongly advised to turn to Tursten’s other titles. (You have been warned.)


Book review contributed by Tan Yiing Yee, National Library Board (NLB)


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