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The Liar’s Room

Simon Lelic

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Simon Lelic


Call no.: LEL -[TH]


All rights reserved. London: Penguin Books, 2018


After a devastating incident, Susanna runs away from her old life and reinvents herself as a therapist while singlehandedly raising her 14-year-old daughter, Emily. Susanna has finally left her harrowing past far, far behind, or so she believed.


When a new client, Adam, shows up at Susanna’s office and questions her about her past, she starts to feel trapped. He demands the truth from her or promises to hurt the one person she loves the most–Emily. Who is Adam, really? And could he actually know Susanna’s darkest secrets? 


One room. Two Liars. No escape.


A highly addictive and haunting psychological read, the entire story plays out during one therapy session. As dark and twisted as it is suspenseful, The Liar’s Room will shock the reader with long buried secrets and worst-case scenarios.


Text by Sruthi Manivasagam


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