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The Dust Bowl


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Title: The Dust Bowl

Director: Ken Burns

Year of Release: 2012

Running Time: Approximately 4 hours

Call No.: 973.917 DUS



The Dust Bowl is a two-part documentary that chronicles the causes and results of a notorious man-made environmental catastrophe that befell America in the 1930s. Based on photos, vintage films and interviews with more than two dozen survivors, this film offers intimate and inspiring glimpses of tragedy, human triumph and resilience.


Expect a harrowing and emotive viewing experience as white-haired survivors of the dust bowl recount how thick clouds of dust called ‘black blizzards’ ruined crops, choked livestock and uprooted families. Feel yourself engulfed in dust and despair with the horrific and heartbreaking accounts of survivors who triumphed over the hard times.


This remarkable film is a powerful reminder of the need to review present-day ecological concerns, rethink our responsibility to the environment and rebuild our natural world, before Mother Nature strikes back with a vengeance.



Above review is contributed by Chu Wan Xin, National Library Board (NLB).

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