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Great Thinkers


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Great Thinkers

Publisher: London: The School of Life Press, 2016

Call No.: Adult Lending English 109.2 GRE


A simple, unassuming cover belies the richness contained within Great Thinkers. With material drawn from various thinkers through the ages – from eastern and western philosophers and political thinkers to giants in social sciences, arts and literature – the book is written in clear and simple language which still manages to convey timeless wisdom that highlights its relevance to modern-day living. For example, compare the simple modern idea of “loving your lover exactly as he or she is” and the book’s description of Plato’s contrasting views: “A good relationship has to mean we won’t love the other person exactly as they are. It means committing to helping them become a better version of themselves – and to endure the story passages this inevitably involves – while not resisting their attempts to improve us.” Plato's diametrically-opposite idea may be worth revisiting to see if it is useful in improving the quality of relationships in the modern era.


Apart from Plato, expect to find zen poems by Matso Bashō, and other refreshing ideas by luminaries such as Durkheim, Warhol, Tolstoy and others. Readers who enjoy deep reflection about human wisdom through the ages will surely find this a delightful tome. 


Above review is contributed by Felix Ser, Librarian, National Library Board (NLB).


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