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The Angry Birds Movie


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The Angry Birds Movie


Publisher: Culver City, California: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2016.


Running Time:  97 minutes


Call No.: 791.4372 ANG - [ART]                  


The Angry Birds Movie is an animated action-adventure comedy inspired by the video game series of the same name. It also acts as a prequel to explain how the ‘angry’ birds came about and why the pigs are their biggest enemy.


The action takes place on an island paradise filled with multi-coloured flightless birds.  Our main character, Red, is a recluse with serious temper issues. Sentenced to attend anger management classes, he meets other outcasts like Chuck and Bomb.


One day, a ship arrives on the island’s shore containing green-coloured pigs that claim to be peaceful explorers and bring promises of friendship.  When more and more of the pigs arrive, nobody seems to find this suspicious, except Red. Soon, he and his friends uncover the pigs’ secret plot to steal and eat the birds’ eggs. However, blinded by the pigs’ seemingly good nature, the birds shun Red and his friends. 


Will Red be able to convince the other birds, or will he give up on them? Will Mighty Eagle, the mysterious protector of the island and the only bird that can fly, help to save the eggs? A hilarious tale of accepting differences and celebrating the bonds that bind us, The Angry Birds Movie will pull at your heartstrings and is perfect for family movie nights.


Review contributed by Khairiyah Aziz, Associate Librarian, National Library Board (NLB).


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