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Sod It! Eat Well: Healthy Eating into Your Sixties, Seventies and Beyond

Anita Bean and Muir Gray

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Sod It! Eat Well: Healthy Eating into Your Sixties, Seventies and Beyond


Author: Anita Bean and Muir Gray


Publisher: London: Bloomsbury Sport, 2016.


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The food we eat can impact our health, but how do we know what to eat and what to avoid? How do we ensure a healthy diet while enjoying our meals? In Sod it! Eat Well, Anita Bean, an expert in sport and exercise nutrition, and Muir Gray, a renowned public health consultant, explain how making the right food choices and age-appropriate lifestyle changes are key to maintaining good health.


The authors discuss the principles of the traditional Mediterranean diet and how it can protect us against chronic diseases and promote lifelong good health. There are tips on selecting nutritious foods and advice on coping with common health issues. Written in an engaging style, this book also provides a quick guide on useful kitchen skills and more than 40 appealing recipes to create delicious home-cooked meals.


Sod It! Eat Well is a useful and practical guide for anyone who wishes to take charge of their health – by making smart food choices and leading an active lifestyle for healthier ageing.



Reviewed by Tse Ming Wai, Librarian, National Library Board (NLB).


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