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I Almost Forgot About You: A Novel


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Title: I Almost Forgot About You: A Novel

Author: Terry McMillan

Publisher: New York: Crown, 2016

Call No.: Adult Lending English MAC


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If you are living a life with great friends, family and a successful career, will you want to change it? Georgia Young does.


An optometrist leading a seemingly perfect life, Georgia gets a wake-up call on how dissatisfied she is with her life when she learns about the death of one of her former boyfriends. Wanting a change, Georgia quits her job, sells her house, and embarks on a journey to reach out to her former lovers to understand how they have impacted one another’s lives, hoping to achieve a sense of closure and find the “right one”. With the help of her supportive but meddlesome friends and family, Georgia might finally be on the right path to secure her second chance at love.


A book about friendship, family, love and self-discovery, this story encourages readers to take a leap of faith and serves as a reminder that it is never too late to make a change in our lives, because “at some point, we need to be honest with ourselves and do what excites us instead of what looks good on paper.”


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