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10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat …And How You Can Stay Young, Slim and Happy!


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Author: Frank Lipman

Publisher: Carlsbad, California: Hay House, Inc., 2016.

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Let’s face it, once we’re over 50, things may seem to go downhill. Faced with a host of physical and psychological ailments, from weight issues, loss of fitness and fatigue, we may feel that that life has gone into decline, to put it mildly. But according to Frank Lipman, a renowned expert in integrative and functional medicine, the situation need not be this way. He explains that we should be giving our bodies what they need to function at their best – but unfortunately, we’re not doing that. We’re either eating wrongly, not exercising enough (don’t we all!), stressed out, lacking sleep or overmedicating ourselves.


Lipman breaks through common myths and misconceptions surrounding ageing and dieting, and  charts out a path to rejuvenate and revitalise our bodies and minds. He suggests simple exercises and meditation practices, and also strategies to sleep well and cope more effectively with stress. There are also helpful sections on age-appropriate foods and recipes to help us in the healing process – both good and yummy!


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