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Can Science Stop Crime?


National Library Board Singapore


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AV Title: Can science stop crime? Director: Scott Tiffany


Year of Release: 2012


Running time: Approximately 60 mins


Call no.: English 364.2 CAN


Can science stop crime? This aptly titled thought-provoking film will leave you with more lingering questions than it answers. This fascinating film will appeal to those who are looking for a general introduction to some of the scientific techniques used in investigations.      


The question posed in the film’s title is for viewers to ponder as the film unveils the numerous intersections between science and criminality, such as the twin factors of nature and nurture that shape criminal minds, investigations into time of death, workings of lie detection tests and hacking into ‘personal’ devices. The concluding section on a computer scientist’s ability to infiltrate the computerised system in cars and fitness tracking devices will challenge your concepts of personal space and safety - is there even such a thing in this age of sophisticated technology? Crime prevention is a tall order and there is no absolute answer as to whether Science can achieve this.


Contributed by Nurliza Sumry, National Library Board (NLB).
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