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Mysteries at the Museum Season 2


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Title: Mysteries at the Museum. Season 2: Stories of Scandal, Intrigue, and an American Icon's Untimely Death

Publisher: United States: Gaiam - Travel Channel, 2012.

Call No.: AV English 069.0973 MYS


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Mysteries at the Museum is a television series featuring museum artifacts – and the stories behind their bizarre or unexplainable origins. In season 2 of this popular series, host Don Wildman takes us on a trip through different museums in America to examine the strange but captivating remnants of some of the significant events that shaped have America’s history.


The series explores different museums in America, looking at the array of fascinating objects lying in the back rooms of these institutions. For example, you may heard of Chang and Eng, the famed Siamese Twins, but did you know that the conjoined twin brothers lived for 63 years and were survived by 21 children? Their fused liver is still preserved at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. In the episode Moon Rock Heist, watch how two NASA ex-interns planned and stole moon rocks worth millions of dollars. It seems that precious stones are not only limited to diamond or gold! Other episodes such as the Area 51 Plane Crash, Assassin Umbrella, Eastland Disaster and Shrunken Heads reveal thought-provoking and less known nuggets of history.


If you are a history buff and love to explore the mysteries behind history, then this is definitely a must-watch.


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