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Eat Pray Love


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Title: Eat Pray Love

Director: Ryan Murphy

Publisher: S.I.: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2010

Year of Release: 2010

Running Time: 146 minutes

Call No.: Audiovisual English 791.4372 EAT -[ART]

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Adapted from the best-selling memoir, Liz Gilbert is a successful career woman with both a house and a husband. However, she is unhappy with her marriage and initiates a divorce. She feels lost and confused, and decides to venture out on a year-long journey to rediscover and reconnect with her inner self. During this period, she visits Italy, eats great food and learns how to enjoy life, then travels to India to look for spirituality, and lastly, travels on to Bali, where she finds her true love.


This is a story about learning to love oneself - a valuable lesson for everyone.


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