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Mysteries of the Paranormal


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Title: Mysteries of the Paranormal


Publisher:  Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Film and National Geographic Channels


Year of Release: 2013


Running Time:  231 min


Call Number: English 130 MYS


Unexplained sightings, things that move on their own – what that cannot be explained by scientific laws and seem to operate outside normal sensory channels tends to make us scratch our heads and wonder what’s going on. Wonder no more as we join National Geographic investigators in this 3-disc documentary and check out paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, taboos, hauntings, vampires and other things that go bump in the night. 


The team traverses wide geographical areas spanning the US, UK, Mexico and even Africa to record and interview people who claim to have experienced the paranormal.  In one famous case, a family of six in Amityville, New York is killed by gunshots and their house is believed to be haunted, an incident subsequently retold in the Amityville horror movies.   


One of the investigators makes an intriguing comment that 95% of paranormal cases can be explained by psychology and physics. But how about the unexplained 5%?  Should we simply brush them aside as skeptics would like us to believe?  Or is the paranormal real?  Watch Mysteries of the Paranormal and judge for yourself!


Above review is contributed by Kweh Soon Huat, National Library Board (NLB).


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