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9 Natural Steps to Survive, Master Stress, and Live Well

Paul Huljich


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Title: Stress Pandemic: The Lifestyle Solution: 9 Natural Steps to Survive, Master Stress, and Live Well


Stress is such a common problem now that it needs no introduction. But how can you overcome the mental and physical problems brought on by stress before it starts to become detrimental to your life? Stress Pandemic suggests 9 practical ways to deal with stress. Using personal encounters as examples, the author shows you how he suffered from mental conditions due to stress, and how he gradually overcame the many problems he faced. This is a simple reference guide to discover the keys to build a healthy, balanced and joyful lifestyle amidst facing daily challenges in this modern world.



 “Stress is intricately linked to our emotional life and thought patterns, with the disharmony of anger, fear, and the whole spectrum of emotional experience generating a near constant stream of stress for some people. Even something as seemingly harmless as noisy neighbours can be a significant source of stress in a person’s life.


The body’s stress response is a natural, physiological mechanism that is triggered in the presence of perceived threats. When one senses danger – real or imagined – the body’s defense system kicks into a rapid, automatic process known as the fight-or-flight reaction, or the stress response. The nervous system responds by stimulating the release of a flood of neurochemicals and hormones, primarily epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol. These neurochemicals and hormones rouse the body for emergency action. Senses become sharper, the heart pounds faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rises, and the breath quickens. This state of alert is designed to decrease reaction time and enhance focus, speed, and stamina – all in preparation for either fighting off or fleeing from the danger at hand.


The stress response is helpful in emergency situations, in certain immediate challenges that we face in life, and for situations where heightened performance is required. However, what is unnatural and dangerous is stress that is not generated for any immediate situation but instead underlies our everyday life because we have failed to examine and deal with it. This kind of unnatural stress serves no purpose but to damage our health, our productivity, our relationships, and our experience of life. The human body does not differentiate between our overreaction to life’s ups and downs versus a life-or-death situation; it responds in the same way to both. Therefore, if you are frequently worried and feeling under pressure, your emergency stress response may be switched on much of the time. ”

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Author: Paul Huljich

Publisher: New York: Mwella Publishing, c2012

Call No.: English 155.9042 HUL – [HEA]

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