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C3A Rise of the continents



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Rise of the Continents


Publisher: London: BBC Worldwide, 2014


Running Time: 200 min


Call No.: English 551.136 RIS


What do the curious presence of ammonites in a Himalayan river and the wildebeest’s spectacular migration in Africa have in common? The answer: they are both clues that can be pieced together to reveal the history and future of the continents. Join experts on a four-part global trail across the continents of Africa, Australia, Americas and Eurasia as they explore Earth’s ancient and violent past – from the supercontinent Pangaea to the break-up and collision of continents. This investigative documentary scores with its stunning scenes, and its thought-provoking content is well conveyed with facilitative visuals and lucid explanations. Bound to delight a diverse crowd from science enthusiasts to the interested layman, viewers will be left wondering what lies ahead for our planet - is catastrophe in the making, and what would it mean for Earth’s inhabitants?


Above review is contributed by Nurliza Sumry, National Library Board (NLB).


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