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The Bucket List


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The Bucket List

Publisher: Burbank, CA: Warner Bros. Entertainment, 2008

Call Number: AV 791.4372 BUC – [ART]


Prone to procrastination, we often delegate tasks that we deem to be less important to another day because we assume that tomorrow will always come. But what if we were to discover one day that we didn’t have that many tomorrows left?


Two cancer-ward roommates decide to compile a list of things they’ve always wanted to do when they discover that their medical conditions are terminal. Without much time left and only each other for support, the two embark on a journey of discovery and fulfilment even as they confront the final phase of their lives. Punctuated with wit, yet always reminding us of the poignancy of mortality, The Bucket List challenges us to think deeper about living a life we are accustomed to as opposed to the one we want to lead.


Reviewed by James Tan