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Book: The New Paper Quilling: Creative...

If you have ever rolled up a piece of paper or receipt, then basically you can quill.

Sharon Ong on 13 Dec 2013

Publisher: National Library Board


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Book: The New Paper Quilling: Creative Techniques for Scrapbooks, Cards, Home Accents & More


If you have ever rolled up a piece of paper or receipt, then basically you can quill. Paper quilling is the art of using simple rolled paper strips combined to create a myriad of unique decorative crafts.


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This book offers step-by-step instructions and illustrations on various quilling projects such as making delightful occasion cards, scrapbooks and beautiful ornamental pieces which you can use to embellish your home or personalize gifts for your loved ones. Paper quilling is simple to pick up, and like other craft hobbies, it can be a good form of brain exercise that improves motor and cognitive skills.  



Excerpt from pages 6 and 7:


“Quilling is easy to learn and doesn’t require a large investment in specialized tools. To start, all you need are paper strips, a corsage pin, and craft glue. Many of the materials and supplies are simple household items or basic craft tools you already own.


If you’re looking for ways to perk up your scrapbooking, try quilling a word or phrase. Make a veritable produce stand of colourful magnets to dress up your refrigerator. Discover ways to make holidays and special occasions even more memorable with simple quilled decorations.


Feel free to put your own individual stamp on any of the projects by using different colors of paper or adding a decorative technique you like. Experiment with a variety of papers-textured, patterned, different weights; you might even try using metal foils. Adjust the size of a pattern to suit your needs. Make one object from a multi-piece project or make them all. Use this book as a guide. Happy quilling!”



Author: Molly Smith Christensen

Publisher: New York: Lark, 2010

Call No.: English 745.54 SMI -[REC]

Contributed by Sharon Ong, National Library Board (NLB).