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DVD: Dirty Jobs With Mike Rowe: Toughest Jobs

Think your job is tough and you lack job satisfaction? Think again!

Chen Wanying on 13 Dec 2013

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Think your job is tough and you lack job satisfaction? Think again!


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Mike Rowe brings you a multitude of jobs that make civilized life possible for everyone else. This series showcases some of the most difficult professions in the world, that include an entomologist breeding mosquitoes to keep disease at bay, a marine bloodworm digger, a jet steam street cleaner and an owl vomit picker who sells owl vomit pellets to schools for students to learn about the digestive systems of owls.


Most of the environments featured are rough and not clinically clean, but Mike Rowe demonstrates that they can be overcome by working hard and smart, as well as bringing your passion to wherever you go. You must also learn to develop mental toughness and not be afraid to get down and dirty. In fact, Monday blues will soon be a thing of the past when you enjoy the unique aspects of your career and find meaning in the workplace.


On the other hand, if you have had some hard days at work, watching people cutting the teeth of a llama or picking the oysters out of shells all day will definitely help you appreciate your job or job environment even more! The DVD also features ‘Dirty Conversations’, ‘Dirty DNAs’ and ‘Dirty Infrastructure’ that showcase Mike Rowe’s past experiences as well as unique jobs that are essential for everyday living.



Produced by Pilgrim Films and television for Discovery Networks.

Publisher: [United States]: Discovery Channel, 2012.

Running time: Approximately 220 min

Call No.: English 331.702 DIR -[BIZ]

Contributed by Chen Wanying, National Library Board (NLB)