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Mandatory TraceTogether check-ins from end-December: 6 things to know about using the app or token

Lester Wong on 21 Oct 2020

The Straits Times


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Important Note

Check out how to download the TraceTogether app here!


For collection of the TraceTogether token, please visit https://token.gowhere.gov.sg/ to find out which is your designated collection point.



SINGAPORE - By the end of December, checking in with the TraceTogether app or token will be mandatory at all public venues in Singapore, including restaurants, workplaces, schools and shopping malls.


This was announced by the multi-ministry task force tackling Covid-19 on Tuesday (Oct 20), with TraceTogether-only SafeEntry to be rolled out progressively from this month.


Here is what you need to know about the new requirement:


1. What is TraceTogether-only SafeEntry?


TraceTogether-only SafeEntry is the only way members of the public can check in at a public venue by using the app or token.


There are currently several other options for checking in with SafeEntry, such as by scanning the SafeEntry QR code with your phone camera or the SingPass mobile app, or the bar codes on your NRIC.


You will no longer be able to do any of these once TraceTogether-only SafeEntry is implemented.


2. How does TraceTogether-only SafeEntry work?


The TraceTogether app includes a function for users to scan SafeEntry QR codes that are displayed at venues.


The token comes with a QR code that can be scanned for entry. Businesses will have to download a separate SafeEntry (Business) scanning app on any smartphone that will allow them to scan the QR codes on tokens.


3. Where will TraceTogether-only SafeEntry be implemented?


It will be implemented at all public venues where you currently have to check in with SafeEntry.


These include workplaces, schools, places of worships, malls, restaurants, hotels and healthcare facilities, among others.


4. When will TraceTogether-only SafeEntry be implemented?


Mandatory TraceTogether check-ins will be introduced first from now until mid-November at venues where activities involving large groups of people take place. Cinemas will be the first, starting from next Monday (Oct 26).


Other venues include those where live performances and business events are held, as well as places of worship conducting services with more than 100 people.


The rest of the venues nationwide will follow suit by end-December, when distribution of TraceTogether tokens has been expanded further and everyone has access to either the app or the token, said task force co-chair and Education Minister Lawrence Wong.


5. Where can I collect the TraceTogether token?


Visit https://token.gowhere.gov.sg/​ to find out where and when you can collect the token. Residents should collect their TraceTogether tokens only from their own constituency community centres. (Read more: https://tinyurl.com/y5pjkhdl)  


6. Will TraceTogether-only SafeEntry apply to babies or young children?


All Singapore residents aged seven and above will need to use the token or app to check in under TraceTogether-only SafeEntry.


Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.

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