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What to do if you are retrenched:

Workforce Singapore career coach gives advice on how to cope

Joanna Seow on 30 Jul 2020

The Straits Times


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SINGAPORE - Workforce Singapore principal career coach Belinda Boo said that it is natural for people to feel discouraged if they lose a job or are unable to find a suitable one.


While acknowledging the emotions they are going through, it is also important for them not to lose hope, as there are still opportunities, she said.


Here are steps she recommends for coping with a retrenchment.




Determine what transferable and marketable skill sets you can offer prospective employers that would help you stand out from other job seekers.




While Covid-19 has negatively affected certain industries, it has also opened pathways and accelerated growth opportunities in areas such as e-commerce, manufacturing, information and communications technology, health and social services, and financial services.


Job seekers, especially those from sectors hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, can consider opportunities in new roles or sectors, or short-term jobs that are in high demand during this period.




If you are feeling lost or unsure about how to start searching for a job, you can approach career ambassadors or career coaches at WSG's Careers Connect centres and SGUnited Jobs and Skills Centres.


Career coaches provide one-on-one guidance and can advise you on how to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for and prepare for job interviews. They can also lend a listening ear.


Career ambassadors are stationed at the satellite career centres to provide basic career advice and guidance on the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package.


Ultimately, Ms Boo said, the onus is on job seekers to follow through on their career action plan.


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