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Hired on WSG scheme, healthcare veteran helped start subsidiary firm

Harshitha Smruthi on 11 Aug 2020

The New Paper


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After working in the healthcare industry for 40 years, Mr David Lee embarked on a year-long job search before he was finally hired by ARQon, a regulatory consultancy for medical devices and drug companies, in January last year.


The 67-year-old told The New Paper: "I took a break in 2017 and tried to get back into the job market the following year.


"However, it was difficult to do so as the employment rate for seniors was rather low during that period."


However, Mr Lee's decades of experience attracted the attention of Ms May Ng, the director of ARQon, who had plans to set up a commercial branch of her company.


With his help, ARQon started its new subsidiary company MedtechBOSS in May last year. The commercial team is helmed by Mr Lee, who is its regional operation director.


His hiring was made possible with the help of Workforce Singapore's Career Support Programme (CSP), which aims to encourage employers to employ eligible Singaporean professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs).


The employer will receive up to 18 months of salary support for every eligible Singaporean PMET employed.


With salary support, Ms Ng's company was able to afford Mr Lee.


This sum gave her substantial time to assess Mr Lee's performance and understand his capabilities.


Ms Ng, 44, said: "Although he is my employee, he has also been my mentor because of his abundant work experience, and he has guided me in decision-making."


Within two months of his employment, Mr Lee helped MedtechBOSS secure its first project.


Mr Lee provided in-house training and guidance to the sales team and advice on new medical applications for the products.


He has also collaborated with younger staff members to help develop their enthusiasm and creativity.


On top of that, his connections worldwide allowed ARQon to be appointed as the Korea Health Industry Development Institute's adviser.


Ms Ng said local start-ups prefer hiring younger employees as they draw a lower salary. However, programmes such as CSP enable employers to hire experienced PMETs who can add value to their companies and commensurate with the salaries these PMETs deserve.


Find out how WSG's programmes can help you in your career by registering your interest to see a career coach at go.gov.sg/careeradvice7.


Source: The New Paper © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission.



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