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Give Urban Farming A Go



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Give Urban Farming a Go

You don’t need to have a farm to grow your own food. Besides herbs like mint and dill, urban dwellers can also grow vegetables and fruit like onions, garlic, chilli and even tomatoes in flowerpots.

Have a go at urban farming by following these simple tips (seeds can be bought at supermarkets and gardening stores). You can then use the fruits of your labour in your dishes.



  • Leave 3-5 cm between each seed.
  • Plant in slightly acidic sandly loam (type of soil).
  • Transplant to a bigger pot when the seedling is 15-25 cm tall.
  • Keep transplanted seedlings 30-60 cm apart.



  • Leave 10 cm between each clove.
  • Plant in well-drained soil.
  • Trim flowers that will begin to grow.
  • Harvest when leaves turn brown and begin to wither.



  • Leave 5-10 cm between each seed.
  • Plant in well-drained soil.
  • Transplant to a bigger pot when seedling sprouts 8-10 leaves.
  • Keep transplanted seedlings 40-90cm apart.


Note: Tomatoes, chilli and garlic all love water, but not too much – keep soil damp, not soggy. These plants also enjoy sunny conditions, so be sure to allow them to get at least eight hours of sunshine every day.


Source: Bridge Magazine (Mar/Apr 2017). Reproduced with permission.

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