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70 and onto his fourth degree


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Mr Lee Chee Ngauk may be pushing 70, but he was never one to let age stop him from pursuing what he feels would make him a better consultant to his clients and prepare him for his dream encore career. He already has an MBA and a PhD in Service Marketing. In 2013, he signed up for a Degree in Accountancy at UniSIM. “Since young, I knew I wanted to be an all-rounder, to know different things. Now that I run a management and consultancy business, there is an even greater need to be multi-disciplinary. What I have studied so far is related to business, I need accounting know-how to better serve clients.”


Currently into his third year at UniSIM, Mr Lee says going to class with students half his age, learning to study on his own and having to film his own videos for homework do not faze him. “Before I started the course, I was a little anxious and shy as 95% of the cohort is made up of youngsters. But they have taken to me and they are always asking me to team up with them for class discussions and projects.” He thinks he learns from them as much as they learn from him. “There is a lot of mutual learning between us. It makes things very lively.”


He plans to complete his part-time degree in two years’ time and then pursue his fourth certification course – a Degree in Law. “The more I know of one subject, the less I know of other topics. The law is required in anything we do, so it’s important that I understand it. But once I graduate from that, what I really hope to do is to be able to do pro bono work and give back to society.”


Source: I Feel Young SG. Reproduced with permission.



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