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Top 5 ways to feel young in 2019


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THE new year brings with it the opportunity for a fresh start, to learn new things and take control of your time and energy. In 2018, Time magazine reported that when older people feel in control of their lives, they feel younger. And that’s a great thing, because imagine what you can accomplish. Here are our top five ways to help you be in control of your life and feel young in your Singapore.


1. Pick up a new skill


Was there something you wanted to learn when you were younger, like playing the guitar or picking up photography? It’s never too late to make it happen and thanks to the National Silver Academy (NSA), you can.


The NSA is a one-stop resource portal that offers over 1,000 learning opportunities for anyone aged 50 and above, with exciting topics ranging from the arts to health, IT, business and more. These courses are run by universities, polytechnics, the ITE, arts institutions and community-based organisations, and are exam-free!


Visit www.nsa.org.sg or call the NSA hotline at 6478 5029 for more information.


2. Stretch out, stretch forward


‘Aiyoh, exercise? So tiring!’ We have all heard that one before. We get it; for most of you, exercising regularly can be a big ask. But if you do it with a group, it can be a lot of fun. By joining one of the fun group exercise sessions under the Active Ageing Programmes (AAP), you can learn a range of different exercises, including Zumba Gold, Kpop fitness, stretch band exercises and low impact aerobics. These exercises will strengthen your joints and muscles, improve your heart health and circulation, and keep your minds and bodies healthy! And keeping fit as a group also means making new friends.


To learn more about AAP, visit https://bit.ly/ageactively or call the Singapore Silver Line at 1800 650 6060. 


3. See, hear and eat better


As each year passes, we complain about our eyesight getting worse, we can’t hear as well as before and the teeth hurt when eating our favourite snack… There is a way to get help. Get checked at Project Silver Screen, a nationwide functional screening programme to help seniors 60 years old and above detect age-related functional health problems early and you can enjoy a better quality of life.


The screenings are conveniently held at community centres, Senior Activity Centres, Residents’ Committee Centres and other community locations throughout Singapore. They are free for Pioneer Generation card holders, $2 for CHAS card holders and $5 for all other Singapore Citizens.


Find a screening closest to you at www.projectsilverscreen.sg


4. Be a friend


As the saying goes, it is better to give than to receive. If you are thinking of giving back to society in a simple yet meaningful way as part of your new year’s resolutions, think about being a Community Befriender.


Under the Community Befriending Programme, you will be paired with a senior who lives alone in your neighbourhood. Besides helping your new buddy feel less lonely, you have a chance to develop a friendship.


Sign up as a befriender here or call the Singapore Silver Line at 1800 650 6060 to find out more.


5. Enjoy quality time


It’s not just about spending more time, but doing something meaningful with that time, be it playing with your grandchildren at a park, visiting a museum together or having a reunion with friends over a meal!


Take that first step to feeling younger and happier in 2019. Happy new year!


Source: I Feel Young SG. Reproduced with permission.


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