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When your brain cells break down faster than normal, affecting your memory and personality


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Dementia describes a group of symptoms that affects the ability to think, remember and engage in social activities. In dementia, nerve cells are damaged. As a result, a person experience declining brain functions, and may even result in personality changes. These symptoms are NOT due to normal ageing.

For more information on mental health condition​​s, you may refer to the Community Mental Health Resource Directory​.​​




Common symptoms of dementia include:


  • Misplacing Things
  • Poor Or Decreased Judgement
  • Confusion
  • Recent memory loss - That affects your daily life
  • Disorientation of time and place
  • Problems with language - Not finding the right word or using inappropriate words
  • Changes in mood, behaviour or personality
  • Difficulty performing regular daily tasks




There are no known causes of dementia; people with a family history of dementia are only at a slightly increased risk in developing the disease than the general population.




If you think you or someone you know may have dementia, consult a mental health professional.


Treatment comes in the following forms:


  • Medication: There are some new medications that have shown to have a temporary effect in improving mental functioning. As persons with dementia often have anxiety or depression, medication can also be helpful for these symptoms.
  • Cognitive training: Training using memory aids, such as recording devices and note-taking are encouraged to help you cope with the condition rather than as a treatment. ​

Source: Singapore Silver Pages, an initiative by the Agency for Integrated Care. Reproduced with permission.


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