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At 68, he's learning to make best use of tech in security

Sue-Ann Tan on 20 Aug 2019

The Straits Times


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Mr Ahmad Basri is 68, but he is still learning continuously to make the best use of technology.


He is the security command centre controller at Bulls-Eye Security Services, which provides security solutions such as surveillance and security officers on the ground and at special events or conventions.


Mr Ahmad's job is to conduct remote surveillance and give advice to officers on the ground from a remote control centre. He also ensures operation standards are met in accordance with the standards set by the management.


He moved to the control centre at age 66. Prior to that, he was a security officer on the ground after he joined the industry at age 64.


He had earlier worked in the oil and gas industry.


He said: "I have gained experience in the use of more advanced technologies, and I am keeping myself relevant in the current times."


He added that working is important to keep himself active.


"Being active physically and mentally throughout my day helps to keep my mental and physical health good," he told The Straits Times.


"I want to continue to contribute to society for as long as I can. More importantly, I want to stay healthy and active in my advancing years," said Mr Ahmad, who is married with two grown-up sons.


His workplace has been redesigned to create a safer and age-friendly office environment.


The company introduced slip-resistant flooring and ergonomic workstations to minimise fatigue and injury risk to staff from sitting for long hours.


The company has around 60 workers above age 60 out of 250 employees.


Operations and business development manager Javin Singh, who oversees Mr Ahmad, said: "We have incorporated the use of technology within the command centre to make work easier for Mr Ahmad to manage, and more efficient.


"We also promoted learning at the individual's pace as we understand the use of technology may be daunting for many older workers.


"Hence, patience is crucial, as well as providing a more flexible office culture where he is able to take breaks when needed."


Mr Singh said Mr Ahmad was chosen for the role because of his willingness to accept challenges and his good work ethic.


"Being a senior worker in the command centre, Mr Ahmad brings a wealth of life experience and strong work ethic to the team, influencing his other colleagues to strive and do better for themselves."


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