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How to Treat Bunions




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Bunions are deformities of the big toe that occur on its joint. They increase in size as they grow. The bunion makes the toes deviate to the outside of the toe, a process that can be corrected through bunion braces or even surgery.




This is a procedure done to remove bunions that are very large. These bunions are even visible in x-ray scans. They have fully matured meaning that the toe is completely deformed and is overriding the second toe. The procedure may involve removing the swollen tissue or the bone. This method ensures there is no recurrent occurrence of the bunion.


Bunion braces


These are also called bunion correctors. They are used as an attempt to correct the toe. The correctors have a gel-like substance that provides comfort and pain relief for the toe. They space out your toes. They are often soft and firm to keep the toe properly aligned, reducing the inflammation on the joint. The braces can be worn inside your shoe without people noticing it. Braces can be worn for 2 to 3 hours a day hence are not strenuous.


Bunion Cushions


These are cushion-like products that are placed inside the shoe to give your bunion comfort. To ensure that they fit, you need to buy a shoe that is wide fitting and properly fits your bunion without much friction, then adding your cushions. The cushions shelter the bunion from the friction by the shoe as well as providing it with comfort. None medicated cushions are the best.


As much as bunions can be caused by genetic factors, it is good to ensure that you wear comfortable shoes and avoid blisters and scars on the big toe joint. This goes a long way in preventing the occurrence of the bunions. It is also good to take care of your feet, to avoid pain and discomfort in your later years.


Source: FeetCare. Reproduced with permission.



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