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Less is More Going meatless once a week makes you healthier

A small change in your diet can go a long way. Here are some reasons why you should go meatless at least once a week.




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1. It’s healthier


Vegetables are healthier – besides the vitamins and phytonutrients that they provide, they are also high in dietary fibre, essential for a healthy digestive system. Moreover, meat is higher in saturated fats and cholesterol, which lead to heightened risks of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. You can still get your dose of proteins by consuming nuts, legumes and seeds and even shed some pounds in the long-run!


2. And cheaper


Are you tight on your budget lately? Go meatless once or twice a week to save some money. Vegetables are less expensive than meat and they contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants essential for good health! Some recipes may call for specialty greens and grains which may be slightly pricier, but you can always look for cheaper alternatives - you can even grow some greens right in your home!


3. Protect the planet


It takes much more resources to produce meat than greens. Take beef for instance – 39 gallons of water are required to produce just one pound of it, as compared to 39 gallons of water to produce the same amount of vegetables. Cutting out meat once a week will also help to reduce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

Try these swaps for your meatless Monday or any other day.


Chicken breast - Tofu

Tofu picks up flavours easily, making it a healthy and filling substitute for meat, especially chicken.


Meat balls - Beans, legumes and lentils

They are inexpensive, healthy, and filling with a variety to choose from: Beans make for hearty soups, stews, and even meatballs as they bind well. Lentils make a good substitute for ground beef.


Hawaiian pizza - Mushrooms

Mushrooms are meaty with a rich, earthy umami taste – a hearty and filling replacement for any meat.


Fish dishes - Tempeh

Tempeh are wonderful for fish dishes due to its flaky texture.


Hamburger - Beets

Beets are earthy and work well in savoury dishes, especially when roasted. Add in some nuts to add “meatiness”.


Source: Prime Magazine Jun - Jul 2017 Issue. Reproduced with permission.


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