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From 90kg to 50kg, thanks to exercise, zumba

Felicia Choo on 23 Aug 2017

The Straits Times


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Zumba instructor Sim Hui Churn is a healthy 50kg now, but four years ago, she weighed nearly twice that.


Working in a sedentary job then and not watching what she ate resulted in her tipping the scales at almost 90kg.


She had been too tired from work to make healthy lifestyle changes, and instead tried a slimming programme in 2011.


Ms Sim, 40, lost more than 30kg - but she gained back the weight within a year.


She realised she needed a bigger change. Urged by family and friends to live more healthily in the light of health risks such as diabetes and heart disease, the then lab supervisor in a factory signed up in 2013 for the Health Promotion Board's (HPB) Lose To Win programme and other exercise classes concurrently.


Within three months, she lost 20kg after exercising every day, but that was only the start.


Ms Sim also chanced upon a new passion - zumba - after signing up for her company's eight- week programme.


"It is my passion; I saw myself as an example to others to lose weight," she said.


Attending more zumba classes convinced her to become a full-time instructor in February last year, after quitting her lab supervisor job.


Her newfound interest in exercise also led her to participate in the HPB's past two seasons of the National Steps Challenge.


She is looking forward to the third season.


"The main thing I want to do is sustain my weight and exercise," said Ms Sim, who is single.


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