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Waste Minimisation and Recycling with the 3Rs


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National Environment Agency


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1) Reduce - Use only what you need

Tips to reduce waste

  • Plan a shopping list to avoid impulsive purchases
  • Bring a reusable shopping bag to reduce usage of plastic or paper bags
  • Purchase items

- that will not go out of fashion quickly

- that are refillable

- that will last longer

- with less packaging

  • Borrow, share or hire things that are only needed occasionally


  • Store perishable food in the refrigerator
  • Cook just sufficient food for meals
  • Minimise the use of disposable wares, e.g. disposable forks, spoons, cups
  • Pack meals in reusable containers


  • Opt for electronic statements/newsletters
  • In the absence of electronic mail, request for only a set of newsletter/flyer from sender if a few members of the household receive the same reading materials
  • Contact sender to remove address from mailing list to prevent junk mail
  • Use rag instead of paper tissue for cleaning


2) Reuse - Re-use things for the same purpose or other purposes

Tips to reuse waste


3) Recycle - Convert waste into useful products


Please note:

NO food or liquid waste
This will contaminate all the other recyclables in the recycling bin.
Common recyclable items: Paper, Glass, Plastic, Metal

paper waste image glass waste imageplastic waste imagemetal waste image


shoes battery imageceramics image



Steps to recycle at home

1. Segregate recyclables from waste.

2. Empty food or liquid residue, if any; rinse if needed.

3. Place recyclables in a household recycling receptacle, e.g. used plastic bag or cardboard box.

4. Deposit recyclables into recycling bin.

recycle bin image


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Source: National Environment Agency. Reproduced with permission.

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