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First NKF Dialysis Centre Doubling As Outreach Centre



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The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) continues to step up efforts to educate the community on preventing kidney disease with a first of its kind dialysis centre which also doubles as a community education and outreach centre. This new dialysis centre, SCAL-NKF Dialysis Centre at Yishun Street 81, officially opened on 31 July 2016 in conjunction with Nee Soon South Community Club’s Community Health Fair, was made possible by a $1.9 million sponsorship by Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL).  


Unlike the rest of the NKF dialysis centres which are not opened to the public, the SCAL-NKF Dialysis Centre has a community area specifically catered for the public. Nee Soon South residents can participate in programmes and activities organised by NKF, such as health screenings, nutrition workshops, health talks and exercise classes, which aim to encourage them to live healthily and prevent kidney disease. NKF patients while waiting for their dialysis are also able to interact with residents at the community area through the various activities and programmes and integrate back into the society.


Every 5 hours, 1 person is diagnosed with kidney failure. NKF has seen a doubling of its net increase in patient numbers to 200 patients as compared to 100 previously.  With this alarming and unrelenting rise in kidney failure cases, bringing the education and outreach programmes to the doorstep of the community is even more pressing than ever.


NKF Chairman Mr Koh Poh Tiong said, “We hope that through this education and outreach centre, we can drive home the importance of leading healthy lifestyles so that more people can avoid falling prey to debilitating chronic diseases such as kidney failure.”  


The dialysis centre is the 2nd one SCAL has sponsored, with the 1st at Henderson in 1994, which had to make way for housing redevelopment plans in 2011. The NKF dialysis centre at Woodlands Avenue 5 has been renamed SCAL-NKF Dialysis Centre (Woodlands Branch) as an appreciation to SCAL’s long-standing support.


SCAL continues to help needy kidney patients. To raise funds for the new dialysis centre at Yishun, SCAL organised two Charity Golf Tournaments, raising a total of $1.9 million with the Government’s dollar-for-dollar matching grant. The dialysis centre has 14 dialysis stations and can benefit up to 84 patients at any point in time.


SCAL President Mr Kenneth Loo said, “SCAL is happy to continue playing a role in bringing hope to needy kidney patients through this new dialysis centre at Yishun, as well as helping to bring the message of healthy living to the community through the community education centre. Hopefully, more people will become aware of the dangers of chronic diseases such as diabetes and take action to prevent the onset of kidney failure.”


Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah, MP for Nee Soon GRC said, “This is the 1st collaboration between Nee Soon GRC and NKF and I would like to congratulate NKF on this special occasion. I would also like to thank the donor, Singapore Contractors Association Limited for having contributed generously to NKF to build this Centre. Diabetes and hypertension are the main causes of kidney failure cases and to reduce such risks, residents of NSS should lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, regular physical exercises, and not smoking. In addition, residents should go for early and regular screening for chronic diabetes and hypertension which enables early detection and timely treatment to prevent the development of downstream complications like kidney failure. ”


This media release is jointly issued by NKF and Nee Soon South CC.

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