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Change The Conversation With Your Inner Child (2/2)


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By Rajiv Vij


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The right conversation with your inner child

Alternately, like with our children (read Parenting: Love, Boundaries and Inspiration), we can choose to have more positive, healthy and nurturing conversations with our inner child. To be able to do that, we need to acknowledge the emotional needs (attention, unconditional love, caring, guidance) of our inner child, become aware of the associated emotions (fear, anger, anxiety, unappreciated) as soon as they arise, and then choose to calm those down in an assertive but supportive way. So the next time you are feeling worried, hurt or upset, consider examining where are these emotions coming from.


We can work with the inner child’s belief about perfection and encourage embracing wholesomeness (read The make up of our unhappiness gene). We need to highlight that, amidst all our limitations, we are complete and wholesome the way we are; accepting ourselves for who we are without perpetually identifying with who we want to be; and feeling grateful for what we have in life and not inadequate from what’s missing. This strengthens our inner self-esteem and settles our restless inner child.


Likewise, we need to remind our inner selves that as we become more comfortable in our own skin, we can choose to live life on our own terms – guided by our personal values and our own sense of life purpose (read Finding your thermal). We are then less conscious of others’ perception of us. This shift can release substantial negative emotional energy stored within.


Further, we could bring greater attention to the working of nature’s laws, including the law of karma, our inborn predispositions and the role of random events, and accept some of the limitations of the notion of personal will. Rather than disheartening us, having faith in something larger than our individual selves can be comforting and liberating for our inner being.



Some affirmations to practice

Here are some affirmations that can support you in the messages you can choose to give to your inner child. Repeating these (or a suitable personalised version) to yourself every day can help you slowly heal the wounds of the inner child and alter the quality of your self-belief, behaviour, relationships and life experiences.

  • I am complete, whole and perfect the way I am
  • The universe loves me and is always there to protect me
  • I have a wonderful life and am so grateful for it
  • I am thankful for all my experiences in life as they help me learn and grow in my eternal journey
  • I see myself being successful and healthy, and enjoying loving relationships


Wish you and your inner child a wonderful life ahead!





The author Rajiv Vij is a life and executive coach and author of Discovering your sweet spot: a soul-searching guide for creating the life you really want



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