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Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional



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Mrs Eileen Koh-Ling speaks fluent English and Chinese. “In my 20s, I started to work and was learning English at the same time. All these 40 plus years, I have been working non-stop and it seems to be my daily living purpose. Now, I am retired and surprisingly even without a full-time job, I am not feeling lonely. I feel like I'm living my life to the fullest.” she said.


She is currently a volunteer line-dance teacher and teaches line dancing to the seniors at Dakota Crescent as well as South East CDC. When she chanced upon line dance in 1997, she developed passion for it and took advanced classes to further improve her skills. While she enjoys serving the community, she decided to make friends and interact with others through dancing. From the bottom of her heart, she always hopes to be a “Blessing Angel” bringing joy to people.


She said: “I feel that lifelong learning is an attitude rather than a process. If one is determine to learn, it doesn’t matter how tough the process is.”


“Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional!” Eileen quotes cheerfully. She enjoys learning and she recently attended C3A’s Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP) on social media. She said: “I try to contact my friends in a more convenient way and social media has strengthened my friendship with peers.”


Eileen had also picked up a copy of C3A’s Positive Ageing Toolkit at C3A office. “I like this beautiful and meaningful toolkit, as it brings hope and motivation to people taking action to achieve what they want. It encourages us to know ourselves better and then we can step forward with greater momentum to age actively.”


As an active volunteer, Eileen has a busy schedule. “I am much busier and happier than I was working, because I am now busy to “run” my fulfilling life.” Eileen says with a smile.


Pick up a free copy of Positive Ageing Toolkit today and embark on your active ageing journey!


**Special thanks to Mrs Eileen Koh-Ling for accepting this interview with C3A. We wish her all the best in her active ageing journey.

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