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Positive Mind Leads to Successful Ageing



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Rajam Sadanandan has worked with SINDA (a self-help group) for nearly 20 years.


Rajam is happy, full of self-esteem and resourceful. She is able to contribute to the community through volunteerism. She is a positive person who cherish every opportunity in life. The 68-year-old has always been an inspiration for both young and old.


She won the Exemplary Mother Award 2015, an award that honours mothers who contribute to society while raising their families in the face of difficulties. Despite working 2 jobs to take care of her widowed mother while raising her 5 siblings and 3 children, Rajam did not stop thinking of her lifelong dream and decided to put the thought to action.


It was her lifetime dream to be a graduate. But her aspirations took a back seat due to family commitments. In 2009, she decided to enrol in the ‘General Studies Programme’ at UniSIM. She is currently pursuing a degree at the university to fulfil her ambition. “It is really not difficult for us seniors to learn new things in life. We could make significant changes in our lives and catch up with whatever we have missed during our younger days. Age is not a barrier!” she says modestly.


Rajam was among the first group to collect Positive Ageing Toolkit at C3A’s office. She loves the 52 inspirational cards mostly. She says, “Step by step, the Positive Ageing Toolkit gave me the motivation and inspiration to lead an active and healthy lifestyle! It has instilled in me the right mindset to adjust my lifestyle and age successfully.”


To her, volunteerism and lifelong learning are 2 important things she looks forward to in her 3rd age. “I have been a volunteer at West Coast Community Centre since 2007. Being a grassroots leader, doing voluntary work such as getting involve in organising programmes, helping out at events, and assisting in activities to reach out to the families to participate in the programmes are some of the activities that gives me great satisfaction. These are things I enjoy doing as I am passionate about it. When I am doing volunteer work, I can think for myself what I want to do in life and talk to people from all walks of life”, Rajam explains humbly.  


** Special thanks to Ms Rajam who shares her lifelong learning journey with us. We wish her all the best in her active ageing journey.

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