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Prostate Cancer: Symptoms, Risks and Preventive Screening

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What is Prostate Cancer?
Prostate cancer generally affects men over 50 and is rare in younger men. It is the uncontrolled spread or malignant growth of abnormal cells of the prostate.


What is the Prostate?
The prostate is a small gland in the pelvis found only in men. It is about the size of a walnut.


Where is it Located?
It is located between the penis and the bladder and surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis).


Function of the Prostate
The main function of the prostate is to help in the production of semen. It produces a thick white fluid that is mixed with the sperm produced by the testicles, to create semen. It needs the male sex hormone, testosterone, to grow and function.


Prostate Cancer in Singapore

• It is the third most common cancer diagnosed among men in Singapore.

• A total of 3,305 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed from 2008 -2012.*

• About 600 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Singapore each year.*

• About 130 men die of prostate cancer each year.*

• Based on an information paper on prostate cancer released in 2011 by the National Registry of Diseases Office, Chinese men have double the risk of getting prostate cancer compared to Malays and Indians.

• Prostate cancer has the sixth highest cancer mortalityrate in Singapore. There were 651 deaths from prostate cancer for the period 2008 -2012.

*Source: Singapore Cancer Registry, Interim Annual Registry Report, Trends in Cancer Incidence in Singapore, 2008-2012


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