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Amy and her passion for learning



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At 64, Amy has the zest and spirit of a 25 year-old. Her bubbly chatter and infectious laughter fills any room with enough warmth to melt the iceberg in the North Pole. Amy is well known among her family and friends for her passion for learning. As a secretary in her younger days, she travelled to many places in the world and learnt different things with an open-minded attitude. At age 55, after 34 years into her job as a secretary, she decided to venture into an entirely different chapter in her life. Amy chanced upon an old friend who recommended a Diploma course titled ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’ (TESOL). Upon graduation, Amy ventured into Australia where she spent 3 months volunteering with the Migrant office, teaching Basic English to the migrants.


Amy continued her journey of impacting the lives of many others. She was given the opportunity to teach foreign employees of a bus company conversational English, so that they could adapt better to the working culture in Singapore. She built long-lasting friendships with many students from all walks of life. “This is the little I can do to contribute back to the society,” said Amy humbly.


Amy recently picked-up the art of jumping clay by herself and joined C3A’s “Sandbox” initiative to teach fellow seniors voluntarily. Sandbox is a peer-learning programme where a volunteer senior teacher shares knowledge with other seniors. Amy goes the extra mile to arrange gallery visits or fieldtrips for her “students” to help them develop their passion for the arts. To Amy, the willingness to adapt to change plays a pivotal role in her life. “You will never know the results if you do not take the first step forward,” she says. “I have been actively learning to improve my intellectual wellness. Being involved in creative and mentally stimulating activities makes me feel young. I recently picked up the wonderful art of flower arrangement. It is something which I did not have the opportunity to do when I was younger.” Amy’s thirst for knowledge is truly an inspiration for us to continue investing in intellectual growth.


** Special thanks to Ms Amy Lee who shares her lifelong learning journey with us. We wish her all the best in her active ageing journey.

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