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Persandingan with Style in Singapore


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By Thimbuktu


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Why was the rusty, antique "Alfina" portable typewriter placed as the centrepiece at the "Persandigan" ("wedding" in Malay) to attract the attention of antique collectors and heritage friends?


Congratulations and best wishes to Ain and Jup on the occasion of their wedding on 25 May, 2014.

Ain is the daughter of my neighbor Inche Mohamed Kamin Bin Suradi.


The wedding reception was held at the void deck below the same block where we lived as neighbors for over a decade on different floors.


With the professional service of Shaiful Esnain, Event Planner of  "Anggun Decor",  an ordinary void deck space was transformed and designed creatively into a "look-alike hotel restaurant".


Although ergonomic setting, display and presentation of the void deck to welcome the guests to the "persanding with style", the traditional customs and formalities are not compromised.  

Pls read more about "Wedding Customs Around the Muslim World" contributed by Rozita Mohd Said at Zawaj.com here.


On the Wedding Day

Early in the morning, freshly prepared and cooked the piping hot delicious food on the spot before the guests arrived.  Compliments to the chef and the polite, attentive and efficient services for the staff at Iryani Catering.



Next, timeless traditional ceremony of the "Persandigan" according to Rozita Mohd Said: 

The feast is often a noisy, lively and informal affair. This is further enhanced by the colourful costumes worn by the guests themselves. A Malay band group may be hired to add to the gay atmosphere. The arrival of the groom is heralded by the hadrah troupe. This group, of mostly teenagers, will beat the kompang (hand drums) and sing Quranic verses and good wishes. The groom is often flanked bybunga manggar (palm blossoms) carriers and a busload of relatives and friends.

The mak andam (beautician) as well as members of the bride's family will waylay the groom and ask for an 'entrance fee'. Only when they are satisfied with the amount would they allow the groom to see his bride. After successfully overcoming the 'obstacles', the ceremony takes place. Relatives will sprinkle petals and rice (fertility symbols) on the couple seated on the 'throne'.

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"Quiz Time" for the groom!  He was challenged to answer question slips and acted correctly.  He was asked the question "How much do you know about your newly wedded wife?"  He answered them correctly Ain studied from primary school to poly! 

The "Dancing Groom" had to dance to entertain sportingly as requested. Its so fun and everyone enjoy.


Veiled with a colorful and decorative fan, Ain accepted and approved the "entrance fees" from Jup.


The veil was removed and revealed the beautiful face of demure Ain with a shy smile.


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