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Opportunities come with positive attitude towards ageing



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Opportunities come to 3rd agers who have a positive attitude towards ageing

At an age where most people would weak in their knees at the mere thought of roughing it out on the high seas, Daisy Chee, 78, looks forward to her fortnightly fishing trips in the South China Sea. Daisy plans her senior years well as she retired when she was 60 in order to have more free time for herself doing things she enjoys.


A positive and outgoing mindset has helped her to enjoy life to the fullest. To her, one should seize every opportunity that comes knocking which is why she does not say “no” to chances of adventures or picking up a new hobby. 3rd age can be the best stage of life if we embrace changes that come with ageing and develop a positive mindset. “My curious mind leads me to lifelong learning. I always want to learn swimming, therefore I take up swimming lessons without a second thought. We should put our efforts forward and discourage ourselves from excuses.”  


Life Can Be Exciting When We Embrace It With Self-Discovery, Not Fear

With a secondary school education, she passionately engages herself in lifelong learning including learning IT from ITE (Institutes of Technical Education) and a private IT school. She also learns photography and won several awards in international exhibitions. She was offered the roles of a Judge in local photographic exhibition, a Council Member, and then a Secretary and subsequently the Exhibition Chairman in Photographic Society Singapore.


To keep herself trim and fit, Daisy does high-impact aerobics once a week for an hour. She also brisk walks for about an hour. “I love to workout. It keeps my blood circulating, strengthens my muscles and joints, and keeps my brain active.” Daisy enjoys Latin ballroom dancing and line dancing too. “Dancing helps us to keep a good posture and is good way to socialize with others.”


Having an infectious zest for life, Daisy participated in C3A’s Kopi and Toast programme where an active senior “Kopi” is paired with a less active senior ”Toast”. “Kopi” buddy would encourage “Toast” to live an active lifestyle or discover a new hobby. Now, her “Toast” buddy has become a more active person who attends health talks regularly and plays table tennis with Daisy and friends weekly.


Positive Ageing Toolkit and Knowing about Yourself

We often heard “knowing yourself is the first step to success” and Daisy sets it as her life motto. Upon receiving the Positive Ageing Toolkit, a DIY toolkit to understand one’s level in the 7 Dimensions of wellness, she scored high scores for her 7 dimensions and she is eager to maintain these scores. “For example to maintain physical wellness, I am very strict about my diet. Twice a day, I eat fish (including what I catch during deep-sea fishing), I cook lots of vegetables, no fried food and no coconut milk. I also reduce my sugar and salt intake, hence I am proud to say that I do not have high blood pressure or diabetes. The Positive Ageing Toolkit helps me to know myself better. I get to understand my strengths and weaknesses.”


Before signing off for the interview, Daisy says “being positive opens many doors to create all the changes I desired in my life, I have committed myself to learn something new every day. I encourage all of you to maintain a positive attitude and stay happy.”  


**Special thanks to Ms Daisy Chee who accepted our interview, we wish her all the very best in her adventures and lifelong learning journey.

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