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Love is still in bloom decades after their marriage

Zhaki Abdullah on 02 Jan 2016

The Straits Times


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Mr Chuang Pek Chow and Madam Foo Swee Moy marked their 52nd year of marriage yesterday by renewing their vows together with 44 other couples at Colours of Love@HarbourFront.


Organised by the People's Association Family Life Champions (FLCs), the event is aimed at celebrating marriage and family life and is now in its seventh year.


Yesterday's event was held at Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant at HarbourFront Centre.


FLCs are grassroots leaders who have been promoting family life since 2005 by organising bonding activities.


Mr Chuang and Madam Foo got married in 1963 in Indonesia, her native country.


"We are excited to renew our vows since this is the first time we are doing so in more than 50 years of marriage," said Madam Foo, 79, who believes the secret of their marriage is mutual compromise.


"Though we have different views in things like how to bring up children, we have learnt to give and take."


Mr Chuang, 78, a former technician, said: "We seldom quarrel."


Their daughter-in-law, 52-year- old housewife Lan Li Jun, has learnt a lot from the couple.


"My father-in-law is very big- hearted, so he is always willing to compromise," she said, adding that she tried to emulate Mr Chuang's good-naturedness in her own relationship with her husband.


Madam Lan hopes that by following her in-laws' example in her own marriage, she will in turn set a good example for her 10-year-old daughter, Sylvia.


"Having children strengthens a marriage, because they make couples more responsible," she said.


Mr Alex Yam, a Member of Parliament for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC who attended the event yesterday, said: "In a marriage, it takes two hands to clap."


The event also featured 600 family members of the couples penning wishes on a wedding ball as well as a competition for best- dressed families.


"We did not hold our customary wedding dinner when we first got married as we could not afford it," said Mr Lim Bock Eng, 47, who renewed his vows with his wife Tam Mui Kian, 41.


"The event allows me to express my love and appreciation to my wife for her dedication over 21 years," he said.


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