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Seniors do the catwalk with Manhunt finalists

Janice Tai on 23 Jun 2018

The Straits Times


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SINGAPORE - With their arms interlocked, Manhunt finalist Zane Lee, 27, and senior citizen Carol Goh Lay Khon strutted their stuff on stage as they did a catwalk together at an open space in Marine Terrace on Saturday (June 23).


The atmosphere was electric with the crowd, comprising mainly of 200 seniors who live alone in nearby rental flats, cheering loudly.


The applause went up several decibels when Mr Lee gently lifted Madam Goh with his arms and then piggybacked the 65-year-old.


She was among six seniors who gamely took up the challenge that morning to have the Manhunt finalists teach them how to walk like a model on stage.


Madam Goh was crowned the most sporting among the women who volunteered.


The show was among several activities organised by voluntary welfare organisation Montfort Care to get otherwise isolated seniors out of their flats to mingle with others and keep fit.


Besides the catwalk, the 20 Manhunt finalists conducted an exercise workout for the elderly and also posed for photos with the seniors.


The seniors returned the favour by sharing their secret recipes during a cooking session.


Chief executive of Montfort Care Samuel Ng said they partnered Manhunt Singapore in the community event to change mindsets on how ageing is usually perceived.


Said Mr Ng: "Montfort Care and Beam Artistes (who oversees Manhunt Singapore) share the common vision of 'Changing Perceptions,,Changing Lives' in our respective areas of work.


"By bringing the seniors and Manhunt finalists together, we want to provide an intergenerational bonding opportunity and engender positive attitudes towards ageing and seniors."


Madam Goh, who said she would have stayed home for the weekend if not for the event, enjoyed herself.


"It's the first time a stranger carried me and it was fun. He is like my son and I feel young mingling with young people."


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