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What exercise can do for your skin

Natalie Ng on 07 Jan 2015


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What exercise can do for your skin? The answer is plenty.


While the various beauty products you have on your cosmetic table can help preserve your skin, one natural way to improve your skin’s complexion is to exercise. Often, we focus on the cardiovascular benefits of exercise that we forget its dermatological benefits. Here are some benefits for your skin that come with regular workouts:


Radiant Glow

As you get your heart pumping, the increase blood flow to your skin nourishes cells and promotes cell renewal, causing your skin to appear supple and boast a post-workout glow. No need for cosmetic products as the boost of oxygenated blood carries nutrients to your skin cells which helps support the production of natural oils and moisture, keeping your skin radiant and healthy the natural way!

Clearer Complexion

Breaking a sweat when you exercise flushes cellular debris out of your system. All the perspiring also helps expel trapped dirt and oil from your skin, unclogging congested pores and preventing acne breakouts. It’s therefore best to avoid wearing makeup when you exercise to fully reap its benefits for your skin.


Muscle Toning

As you age, your skin starts to wrinkle and sag. The more you tone up the muscles beneath your skin, the more support your skin will have and the more firm and elastic it will appear. Toning up your muscles can also decrease the appearance of unsightly cellulite – the dimply fat most commonly found around the thighs and buttocks.


Reduction Of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are a sign of old age as the cells around our eyes start to degenerate, resulting in the accumulation of fluid under our eyes. Exercise gets our lymphatic system flowing and helps reduce water retention in our bodies which reduces the puffiness under our eyes. Achieve fresher, less fatigued looking eyes with just a simple 30-minute workout a few times a week!


Stress Relief

We know how exercise is a great way to cope with stress as it pumps up yourendorphins – your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters that helps improve one’s mood. These stress relieving benefits can also improve your complexion as stress can trigger acne outbreaks or eczema flare-ups. Regular workouts can and will help keep your stress levels and skin conditions in check.


With the numerous benefits exercise can do for one’s skin, there’s no reason to miss your next workout session. Keep your skin looking healthy, radiant and blemish-free the natural way!


Source: The Active Age. Reproduced with permission.

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