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Julie Tay, 64 years old

Senior Care Assistant, NTUC Health Home Care


How would you describe your daily work as a Senior Care Assistant with NTUC Health Home Care?

Personally, I enjoy my work as it has been my dream to care for the elderly. A typical working day seems to be more of visiting friends and family as the relationships have been established after serving the clients for a while. The happy faces of my clients whenever I visit also brighten my days at work as I know they really look forward to see me.


Short description of Senior Care Assistant’s work (provide social home care services to elderly at home)

My scope of work includes helping the client to bathe, preparing meals, interacting with them and doing maintenance exercises. It depends on the services requested by the family or the client. I work 5 hours daily and have an average of 7 clients to serve on a weekly basis. 


Which aspect of a Senior Care Assistant’s job particularly appeals to you?

The job satisfaction is great. I feel I have helped to ease the stress on family members who have to juggle between their work, children and their elderly loved one. And I know I am able to bring joy to my clients. The flexible working arrangement as a Senior Care Assistant has been helpful as I am able to run my own errands in the day while also doing work I enjoy. All I need is to inform my colleagues on my available timing and they will do the match.


Benefits of job and how does this job enrich your life?

This job enables mature workers like myself to contribute back to the community. The training and experience also equip me with good skills and knowledge to plan and take care of my own aging needs. It also provide a good source of income and pays slightly higher than most part time jobs in Singapore.


Join NTUC Health Home Care as a Senior Care Assistant

If you are interested in a rewarding and fulfilling career as a Senior Care Assistant, please contact NTUC Health at 6590 4285/ 6590 4279 or email careers@ntuchealth.sg.


Source: NTUC Health Home Care


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